Archaeology of the Soul - A Deeper Journey with the New Moon in 2022

Yes Please! I was to Progress my Soul

Dear Soul Expander…

Did you know that you have a divine blueprint?

When I tell people this they normally look confused!

I know this because I’ve always known for myself that I am a Graduate Soul and carry specific codes for humanity.

Id like to teach you everything I know about activation to your OWN divine blueprint.

There are a lot of reasons for you to do this:
* So you KNOW who you are, without doubt
* Heal your BODY/MIND
Resolve the dharma of your familyline and give your children emotional freedom

Like me, you are probably a creator and you will want to create AMAZING THINGS without feeling torn between responsibility and joy.

I want you to know you have everything you need INSIDE of you to activate and progress on your soul’s journey.

YOU CAN live a beautiful and divine life!

ARCHAEOLOGY of the Soul will give you all the tools you need to transform yourself, and impact your expression in the world.

Everything I’ve learned I will share it with you. We have a year to do this together.
Everything you bring is GREAT.
Everything you doubt can be transformed

The person you think you are, you are not – you are you experiences thus far

Your job is to continue to process your own soul. To develop your connection to your divine.

Its the reason you came here!

What you receive:
* 13 Monthly new moon support calls
* 13 online lesson delivered to your inbox
* A private FB room for Group sharing
* An EMI (Emotional Mind Integration) healing with Melanie (Valued at $220)
* Admission to a Family Constellation workshop in either Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay or Tasmania. (If these locations are not convenient, your FC work can be done via zoom)
* 2022 Gratitude Diary & Moon Calendar


New Moon LIVE Calls Online
Monday 3rd January at 7-9pm EADT
Tuesday 1st February at 7-9pm EADT
Thursday 3rd March at 7-9pm EADT
Friday April 1st April at 7-9pm EADT
Sunday 1st May 3-5pm EADT
Monday 30th May 7-9pm EADT
Wednesday 29th June 7-9pm EADT
Friday 29th July 7-9pm EADT
Saturday 27th August 3-5pm EADT
Monday 26th September 7-9pm EADT
Tuesday 25th October 7-9pm EADT
Thursday 24th November 7-9pm EADT
Friday 23rd December 7-9pm EADT


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Archaeology of the Soul - A Deeper Journey with the New Moon in 2022

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