Fear, doubt and inner knowing
Every moment of every night and day, communication is taking place between our souls and that of the angelic, devic and celestial realms. These spirits are so close! We ALSO have both a GUARDIAN and a GUIDE whose specific focus of attention is on our SOUL’s progression.

I have always sensed my own guide. He is a dark-skinned tribal man with a massive heart, strong in his masculinity. My guardian, however, is a wise woman. Like the wrathful deity, Kali, she is strong and takes no prisoners. I was aware of my guide long before I learned of my guardian.

In order to get confirmation of these beings in my field, I sat with various intuitives and spiritual listeners and asked them to tune in. I had a ‘perception’, if you like, of who they were and the readings helped to clarify and cement what I was already feeling. But what happens when we DOUBT our support by these non-earthly realms? When we DO NOT TRUST that there is a spiritual or sacred plan for us? What happens when we truly believe that we are ALONE in this mystery called life?

The energy of doubt has a very SPECIFIC FREQUENCY that creates an electromagnetic charge through our bodies. This charge leaves a holographic residue in our auric field which then crystallises into our bodies as toxins and inflammation. In turn, this inflammation then BLOCKS access to our communications beyond the veil, and like magic we have now PROVEN that, yes, we are alone, there is no such thing as heaven or hell, AND we had better protect ourselves at all costs!

The TRUTH is the polar opposite to our common human experience because your true self is ALWAYS in direct contact with celestial consciousness. There is NO separation between this planetary realm and the celestial spheres. It’s just that we humans are not so ATTUNED.

How do I tune in?
In order for you to cultivate TRUST in your ability to RECEIVE clear inner GUIDANCE you must first:

  1. Identify that you are existing inside a state of distrust and doubt.
  2. Develop a practice to clear and maintain an open state so that divine communication can be maintained.

The body, I’ve come to realise, is actually just a big old portal to the other side, a temple if you like. The saying, “The body is the temple to the soul” rings true and has been referenced somewhere in many religious texts throughout the ages.

How do I clear myself?
Your clearing practices will be specific and unique to you and your soul. For me, I can get back to centre pretty quickly by being still and drinking three litres of water with Himalayan salt and the juice of a few lemons in it. I don’t know why. Someone once told me that salt is an electromagnetic conductor. Lemons seem to neutralise my acidity. Perhaps my readers can enlighten me here.

I also FLOURISH on deep greens direct from the garden. A handful of kale, mint, parsley or spinach in a blender with some lemon, water, salt and a few blueberries leaves me feeling activated and in tune. My liver LOVES these greens! But only the ones straight from the garden. There’s not a lot of love in the food from the supermarket.

But, for you, it could be an immersion in nature. I have a friend who goes walkabout in the bush for days with a little food and a tent. I have another friend who does yoga and movement, using sounding and mantras to complete her morning embodiment and clearing ritual. Prayer or meditation could also be doorways in. Find out what works for your own soul and CLAIM IT!

CONNECTION to existence is our BIRTHRIGHT and UNION with cosmic consciousness already exists, so we need only ALIGN our WILL with the truth of that which is already occurring. So be it! For once you claim your right to union with spirit, you will THEN begin to sense and feel evidence of this relationship.

Now I have proof!
For many years I have experienced my connection with the divine as a subtle energy directed through my autonomic nervous system. I would experience this as little tingles that felt like butterflies and, in the beginning, I felt this only down the left side of my body. During my healing workshops, whenever I get close to a blockage or the source of a wound, I will start belching uncontrollably as a way of shifting the energy inside the space and, hence, inside my body. It’s so weird, and so antisocial. But it just happens and I can’t stop it anyway so I now just trust in the expression.

Sometimes during meditation, chanting or a hands-on healing session, my body will jump like I have experienced a shock of some sort. This shock-like jerking appeared the very first time I started to meditate and happens to this day. I have an idea that I’m clearing some kind of collective shock (or even my own personal shock) but these are only thoughts. What is definitely true is that there is some CONNECTION with SPIRIT occurring, and a communication, clearing and healing taking place. So I have learned to NOTICE and SURRENDER.

Find your station and tune into it. You may HEAR tones or voices, or you may SEE colours, patterns or images. You may SENSE your way through or receive insights. You may just have a very deep KNOWING in your soul that something is RIGHT or that something is WRONG. When you ATTUNE yourself to the vibration of love, your CLEAR INTENT will attract the consciousness you seek.

So, TRUST in your mystical intelligence and in your own knowing. There IS nobody else that knows more than you of your experience of yourself. So make friends with your body portal and spend some time there.