Are you attracted to evolving your being into the best version of yourself you can imagine in this lifetime?

There is a way of living that is uniquely authentic and REAL which honors your soul and the emotions you resonate, exactly as you are right now. This is what it means to live as an aware and compassionate being.


Discover the KEYSTONE that holds your soul path together

Ride the winds of constant change with grace, awareness and confidence

Recognise and unravel repeating patterns that no longer serve you

Uplevel your soul
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Your emotions are critically important

It is your emotions (ALL of them) that make you… YOU. And I’d like to show you how to identify where you are emotionally and where you want to go in your emotional, spiritual and soul evolution.

Divine Love Path

This process is known as the Divine love path… it’s the fast train to healing and evolving your soul.

I have had many teachers over the decades, but only one who knows the intimacies of the Divine love path. He knows because he has walked it to the end. And now lives in service of others.

I am still an aspiring student as well as a passionate teacher.

A new Way

This journey honours and holds attention to all of the harder “STUFF” that most other personal development programs gloss over with positive affirmations and disconnected goal setting.

In a sense, you are setting yourself up for failure with the latter.

I found most of the personal growth “froth” of the 90s and early 2000 to be very mind/masculine dominated. I lasted for as long as I could with each teacher but over and over again, I still felt like there was a big chunk of information missing. A big chunk of ME missing. Not once did I ever feel sincere compassion and love resonating from my teachers at that time.
I was missing out on being seen, felt and deeply understood. There was just not enough loving awareness present in those places.

I decided that, given an opportunity… I’d do my best to truly meet people where they are at.

I made a commitment to look deeper, feel as much as I could… so that I too could be of service to both myself and others. I wanted to weed my garden at the roots and not just temporarily.

THIS is your moment to… decide on a NEW path of spiritual growth which encompasses ALL other NATURAL love modalities.

I’ll explain the difference between the NATURAL love path and the DIVINE love path in the journey.

But for now…


Do you believe that you have been born on the wrong planet? That you are “over-sensitive”?

I’ve felt that too… Being at a party or in large crowds were super intense situations for me. I would be the person sneaking out half way through the night without saying goodbye.

However over the years I began to Sense that there was in fact nothing essentially wrong with me. I just felt emotions, spaces and other people’s realities with heightened awareness.

Now I Carry the flag for the realm of the emotions because of the gifts they each contain and the Spiritual Growth that ensues.

So this is NEW!

My Key-Master Code 12-month Program

Soul Growth

Is for those of you who are tired of repeating patterns that cause you pain.
Is for those of you who know and sense that your mission in this lifetime is perhaps bigger than your current experience
Is for those peeps that realize we are eternal souls and that this experience in life is only level 1
Is for those of you who can sense you have a “Soul Mate” but may not be with him / her yet

Everything I teach you is intended to expand your awareness and understanding of your own individual soul. The outcomes will be unique and divine for all. I can promise that!
On this new adventure, I’m basically going to share with you EVERYTHING I know.

And, in a forum of videos, workbooks and live chat rooms…
+ + =
…we shall explore issues such as :

✨ Understanding and transmuting overwhelm
✨ Empowering yourself beyond now
✨ Nutrition for your vibrational being
✨ The emf threat, the way it affects you and how to overcome it
✨ Looking at family of origin: clearing and resolutions of inherited beliefs
✨ The tender yet eternal energetic bond with our mother
✨ Building bridges between this realm and the next
✨ Embracing your new world with ease and grace
✨ Getting to know our own saboteur whom delays our souls progression (oh, it’s you again!)
✨ Resolving unfinished business on an energetic level
✨ Understanding the essence of doubt and how to navigate it.
✨ Awakening your intuition and finding your “love path home”

Come on
Play with me - March 2022!

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Who is Melanie Spears?

I’d love to help guide your soul adventure this year.

BUT why me?

I grew up in a household with a brother whom, at the time .. would have been labeled as “on the spectrum”. But back in the 1970s , there was no spectrum. And so I was concerned for my family dynamic and wanted to help. So I became a Registered nurse, specialising in mental health.

After uni, I went to the UK and worked with children who were deeply emotionally traumatised. I learned about attachment theories and attachment therapy. I also studied transactional analysis which explores the dynamics between the parent, adult, and child.

After 4 years in the UK, I returned to Australia still young but a little wiser, and moved to the Northern Rivers where I became a drug/alcohol detox nurse. I continued to study serious mental illness. 

In 1993, shit hit the fan with a phase of Chronic Fatigue (CFS) and the next 7 years left me energetically incapacitated. It was my soul demanding some inner attention. 

During this period, I picked up a guitar and discovered I could play! ( a little ) 

Eventually, I recovered from CFS a little wiser again, and became “someone else”.

In 2003, I swore off the healing/helper path forever and became a licensed real estate agent and mortgage broker. I studied wealth and the creation of. I hung out with Robert Kiosaki, Bob Procter and Roy MacDonald. Then I did my first property development and created a subdivision. 

This path was fun while it lasted but my soul was totally screaming at me and by the end of 2010,  I jumped ship back into my soul work. I went to America and hung out with RAMTHA the enlightened one. Look him up! He’s awesome, and very real. 

The Gratitude Diary was conceived the same year and I thought it was just going to be a hobby but it became a bestseller! I now have 16,000 readers and growing with stockists in Australia , New Zealand, UK and now the States. (woot woo!) 

In late 2018 I began my training as a family constellation therapist because there were still some aspects of my soul that were seeking balance. I needed to dig deeper into my Family of Origin (FOO) work in order to untangle myself from patterns that were causing me pain. I guess you could say, I was carrying  the Chironic archetype of the wounded healer. 

My life experience, studies,illnesses, travels, trials and tribulations … combined with my experience in Gratitude, Family Constellation Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and Voice Dialogue is being pulled together for the first time into an online course, that I am just so EXCITED to share with you. 

That’s me !

Cultivating your compassionate self

I believe that all souls are born equal in the eyes of a living creator. There is not an agenda of hierarchy in the eyes of God. We are ALL from the same blueprint of a loving essence and we are all ascending back to be with our creator.

It is MAN who created an agenda
It is MAN who does not share
It is MAN who judges
It is MAN whom is afraid
It is MAN whom is disconnected and unsustainable

Did you know that the first man on earth was called Aman (the original name for Adam)?
And the first woman was named Amon ?

What it means is that every word holds the story of history. So the word MAN comes from the original vibration of the name “Aman” (A-Man)

Everything in this universe is connected and its source in the origins of creation.

Yet men and women, as we know them .. tend to live in a disconnected way.

How funny! (more on this later)

SO, by becoming your COMPASSIONATE SELF, all of the above is brought back to neutral.

When we learn to live in the service of a divine God instead of a human one, we are supported and guided by the frequency of a loving universe instead of an unsustainable one.

Now we have cultivated…

  • Trust in divine timing
  • Co-creation and contribution
  • Acceptance
  • Love
  • Connection and nurture

Become a Key-Master

Become a balanced spirited being whilst navigating an imbalanced planet and society with grace.
Start your ascension program now – don’t wait until you die. Did you know, most of us enter a life review when we know we are leaving this plane. It’s like the fear of God lights us up into awareness. But why wait until the last minute when there is still so much good that can be done NOW. So much that can be brought into balance NOW. So much healing for you and your family line.
What are you waiting for?
When you become clear of daily patterning and habits, the quality and enjoyment of your life is magnified. Sure, you are a happening, resonating living human being already… BUT your tv screen of life has the potential to transform from low-resolution to high-resolution. Like an OLED television (burnt out).

As consciousness and technology evolve… We are becoming OLEDs (overloaded), like it or not.. but WHEN you upgrade, is up to you.

🔑 Pick up Your Key

The gift of gratitude was given to me by an advanced soul. I literally received the idea and the practice support in one afternoon. This is why I am now obliged.

I’m giving it to you.

Course Format

Welcome to a community of people who are refining their PRACTICE

Join us for a 12 month explorative process as we navigate our year and exercise our tools as a GROUP.

You will learn . . .

🎁 How to receive gifts of gratitude and intuitive guidance
🎁 How to identify and contribute your truth in a way that’s in alignment
🎁 How to identify, anchor and process fear
🎁 How to use your thoughts FOR your soul’s progression and not against
🎁 How to connect to your passions

You will receive . . .

🧡 A new video lesson each week
🧡 A weekly live Q&A call with me to further explore the teachings and sharpen your tools
🧡 The opportunity to connect 1-on-1 for an Intuitive Soul Session (This is an opportunity only for group members. Think of it as your “get out of jail free card” when you hit a brick wall. This is an opportunity only for group members to get a personal session for only 180 AUD which is half off.)

If you buy before February 1st, 2021 you also get these Beautiful Gifts:

Although you don’t need a Gratitude Diary to benefit from this course… it sure would make your experience even more amazing, enjoyable and fun!

If you are not familiar with the Gratitude Diary, in a nutshell, it’s a beautiful personal guide for creative souls. It’s a stunning book with beautiful images that teaches a new topic each month AND creates space for you in each day to center yourself through intention and giving thanks.

🧡 A Gratitude Diary (39.99 value)

If you are not familiar with the Gratitude Diary, in a nutshell, it’s a beautiful personal guide for creative souls. It’s a stunning book with beautiful images that teaches a new topic each month AND creates space for you in each day to center yourself through intention and giving thanks.

This best-seller and soulful guide is usually 51.95 with shipping and you’ll get it absolutely free if you sign-up for the Key-Master Class during this limited-time promotion.


🧡 My new CD, Beauty’s Time, as a downloadable link (24.99 value)

You’ll also get a copy of my new (and not yet released) CD, Beauty’s Time, as a downloadable link (24.99 value). The music will soothe your soul and spirit.

No-Sweat Test-Drive

I’m not into stress and fear, and I don’t want you to have any mental blocks about applying for this course. That’s why I’m going to make it a risk-free opportunity for you.

Attend the first two group chats and sessions totally free! If after those first 2 classes you don’t feel this course is a good fit for you, simply contact me and I will meet with you for 30 minutes to discuss the challenges you are facing.

Many times, there is a fear or block that shows up, which we can shine a light on. After all, my goal is to help you reach your goal. If after that, it still doesn’t feel right then you can request a refund within 7 days and I’ll refund 100% of your tuition!

Join before January 31st, 2020 and save up to 33%!

Expression of Interest

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Get all of the lessons and bonuses with one easy payment.

3 monthly payment

$ 133 AUD

(Regular $185)
Get all of the lessons and bonuses with 3 easy payments!

Gratitude Diary

$ 39.95 AUD

Not the right timing to join the program? No worries! All the lessons are in the Gratitude Diary… and you can navigate them at your leisure.

6 monthly payment

$ 99 AUD

Love and Testimonials from Clients

“This program has been life-changing for me. Mel Spears is an incredibly inspirational and insightful teacher who has taught me so many valuable lessons that have radically shifted the way I lead my life. One key lesson has been around setting healthy boundaries.

As a mother and partner, I have traditionally looked to ensure that those around me had their needs met first and like an after-thought, I would consider my own needs. This has left me quite exhausted as I undervalued myself and my own needs.

Thanks to Mel’s important work, I have learned how to check in with my needs and developed strategies to assert my needs in a loving and supportive manner ensuring I take responsibility for myself first.”

Creator of Evolving Women

“I am a very organized person and am quite strict with my time. This enables me to get a lot done, meet my own goals and lead a happy and fulfilled life by conscious design.
However, Melanie has helped deepen my experience of allowing for the unfolding of the unknown.

She’s helped me to deepen my experience with patience and letting go, and allowing things to become, rather than having everything perfectly prescribed upfront.
I’m amazed by what has emerged in my life since resting back more into a space of acceptance.

Thank you Melanie for showing me that these two ways of operating – the feminine and the masculine ways of operating, can live in wonderful harmony with one another.”

Erin Ashley
Mindfulness, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Ready to Navigate Home?

Now that you have your tools (key,compass and treasure chest) firmly planted in your belt, it’s time to set your navigational course home and decide whether you want to walk, swim, drown, drive or fly.

The beauty about God’s gift of free will is that everything that will ever and can ever happen to you, including your healing, does so at YOUR OWN pace.

Personally, I like flying… and with that, my will is set to the “bring it on” button. And occasionally I step back and hide under a doona.

So now, I invite you ….

My invitation to you

Dear Soul,

I invite you now to decide on the direction of your soul.
I invite you to awaken to the truth of who you are and who you will eternally be.
I invite you to play with me and my people friends, here on this plane… and also with my spirit friends who lovingly guide and oversee this work from above.
You may swim, walk, drive or fly. You may skip, wobble, cry or laugh.
You set your own pace. And turn the volume up or down at will.

Please RSVP here

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Follow your law of attraction and if your attracted, this is for you. The Gratitude Diary is optional for this course… As a limited-time bonus you will receive a Gratitude Diary when signing up for the Master-Key Code . . . so no need to purchase a second one. Give yourself the permission to explore!

I am currently working with people on all points of the personal development spectrum. All of them are telling me, things like, “I’ve never heard it said that before” or “Wow, it makes so much sense” and even “This feels different and it feels TRUE.”

We work with intent and the essence of “time out of time”. So in clock time, 30 min a month minimum. But in Soul time.. . every day, hour, minute. Ultimately you decide how deeply you wish to play. You will learn to multitask with ease.

I give 1-on-1 support for those who need focused help. I also have a team of Passion mappers around me who bring additional insight and guidance in relation to your passions & mission here. There will be 4 residential workshops during the year for us to play. For the healing of trauma and “tricky” issues… I call in my elders and refer you somewhere safe.

Yes we offer a payment plan at checkout. At the moment there is no scholarship , but what a great idea!!

You will be emailed when new content is added to our online learning platform. This will include the details you need to join our Q&A calls. Recordings will be made available for you if you can’t attend live.

Well, hate is a pretty strong energy, so it probably means you’re activated. Which means your PERFECT for the group. So I encourage you to stick it out and learn about your reactivity.

If your soul seriously wants out, contact Melanie and have a chat.

Divine timing is EVERYTHING
I want you to do this when YOUR soul is READY
‘So that may NOT be now
And that’s great
Keep doing what you’re doing ,,

You have PLENTY of TIME

If you attracted tho, but circumstances are against you , opt in later

Click here and ILL touch base in the future , when the time may be right

Keep going on your lovely day ..

Oh, and get the Diary if you have not already

Grab a copy of the Diary! It’s a fraction of the price and has all of the basic teachings of the program. The program just goes into things in a lot more detail.
The Diary is a great start!