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Unlock Your Soul’s Potential using the Gratitude Master Key

Three simple golden tools to embrace spiritual and emotional transformation, playfully decrease stress and manifest abundance for creative souls!

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Facilitated by: Melanie Spears, Author of the Gratitude Diary
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With Your Gratitude Master Key practice you will:

Feel energized, renewed and excited as you burst with creativity. Experience a tangible soul activation in your physical body.

Calm the mind and break the patterns of anxiety, stress, fear and worry.

Discover 3 soulful tools for you to reach flow state so your life will feel genuinely pleasant and easy. Use these tools in the ongoing journey of your soul’s progression.

There is a divine gift within you which is inherently free and once activated will make your heart smile, have you spirit soar with creativity, and embrace deep healing within your physical and energetic bodies.

In this FREE Master-Key Class Series, you will access 4 Jam-Packed Lessons so you can unlock the TRUTH of your soul’s potential to put LOVE into ACTION:

Lesson 1 – Master Key Revealed

  • Unlock your unique door to your soul’s home
  • Experience the joy of embodied gratitude consciousness
  • Generate abundance beyond perceived limitations of wealth


Lesson 2 – Internal Soul Compass

  • Embrace intuition consciousness and feel authentic connection
  • Use my internal soul compass to navigate resistance
  • Spiritual, physical and energetic life-sustaining radiance

Lesson 3 – Finding Your Treasure Chest

  • Awaken emotional consciousness and discover the truth of who you are
  • Emotional portal for profound healing and transformation
  • Transmuting the energy of stress and anxiety into rocket fuel for your dreaming


Lesson 4 – Invitation and Intention

  • Unlock com-unity consciousness and work in aligned relationships
  • Understand the POWER and gift of your own free will
  • Invitation to work in relation to other like minded souls and become a part of an aligned community

Hi, I’m Melanie Spears from the Gratitude Diary, best seller in Australia and now transforming lives all over the world.

When we stop to allow and fully accept the reality of this current moment – NOW – a calmness is revealed and available to us. With this diary, we are hoping for you also, to find the inspiration to stop, smell the roses, and take stock of what is truly important, in a world that appears to be turning in an ever increasing pace.

Take a moment each day to breathe and ask yourself the following questions… What is it that you are currently grateful for? What is good? What is working and what is valuable?

In your daily planner you will notice a space at the beginning of each day to journal these thoughts. You will be amazed at how this very simple practice and commitment will expand for you what is good and what is true!

There is an old saying “where your attention goes, Energy flows”. It takes just 5 minutes and the positive effects will last a lifetime…Your lifetime.
We wish you an abundant and evolutionary year and would love to hear about your experiences and miracles you will inevitably encounter.

With Gratitude,

Your Gratitude Guide

Love from Clients

I’ve found my new teacher

“I was going through a BIG vibrational shift when Melanie Spears came into my life – by total serendipity (of course!).

Within 5 minutes of interacting with Melanie, I knew. I’ve found my new teacher (a label she dislikes…which makes me LOVE her even more).

Melanie brings wisdom, humility, grace, magic, passion and vulnerability to her work. She bravely faces the dark AND the light and holds many keys for those of us on the lifelong path of transformation.”

~ Benay Dyor, CEO, Universal Coaching Systems

The impact this has on my day, and my life, has been a miracle

“I was instantly drawn to the Gratitude Diary’s beauty and magical energy from the minute I laid eyes on it. The diary quickly became part of my morning ritual, writing down the things I’m grateful for in my life and setting my intention for each day. The impact this has on my day, and my life, has been a miracle. I now live each day with peace, calmness and a grateful heart, and with so much gratitude to Melanie Spears for her creation and sharing her soul’s purpose with me.”

~ Michelle Adams, CEO & Founder of Marvel Marketing