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Five minutes a day can change your life!

The beautifully designed Gratitude Diary consists of 365 pages, one for each day of the year.
Enrich your life soul and spirit…


The Gratitude Diary includes:
  • Space each day to list all that you are grateful fo
  • A day to a page organisational Diary
  • Monthly intention setting
  • 13 worksheets that begin on each new moon
  • Monthly Astrological overview
  • Venus and Mars astrology updates
  • Reflective quotes
  • Inspired art

The Gratitude Diary will help you to:

  • Stop and be aware of the gifts you have access to right NOW.
  • Raise your vibrational state which positively impacts everyone around you.
  • Become aware of the feminine energies of creation and embrace the masculine with love and respect.
  • Celebrate the moment.
  • Embrace YOUR truth.
  • Express who you are, fearlessly.
  • Experience profound changes that will leave you inspired and activated.


Moon Cycles

Another intention I held dearly in my heart, when creating this Diary, was to help both men and women attune to, and be nourished by the ebbs and flow of the moon’s cycles. It was my secret mission.

Simply by becoming aware of the moon and her cycles, which are indicated every seven days, helps support the balance of your masculine and feminine. When you live in tune with the PLANET’S rhythms, you begin to notice that you are also living parallel to the cycles and seasons of life, and it is the awareness and acceptance of this that creates Peace.

Monthly Articles

Because I like to work inside the moon’s rhythms, I have chosen a topic each new moon for all to ponder. You’ll be able to explore themes such as Balance, Faith, Surrender, Archetypes, Prayer, Courage, Truth and Love.

You are invited to “Self Reflect” on these pages and to share your revelations with other readers in our  online forum.