Self Publishing


HAVE YOU EVER WANTED to take charge of your own
creative direction and write a book or create a journal?

It’s getting to the point now where I can almost create the Gratitude Diary
with my eyes closed. And having a great team of gorgeous women around me certainly supports that!


What I am learning about myself in the mentoring process is that I love to help
people achieve their goals. I find that participating in the manifestation
of other people’s dreams is immensely satisfying.


So,reach out if you are sitting back on your dreams and talk to me about the journey of self-publishing.


It’s a worthwhile journey to take because the fundamental questions
that plague almost every soul about their creative work is “Am I good enough?”,
“Will other people appreciate what I do?” and “Will my product have a place in the retail market?”.


The initial assessment and evaluation of your product is free!




Melissa Christie PCOS Journal cover“You know when you Google something but Google doesn’t have the answer? And it’s the worst? The self publishing journey gives you a lot of that and I would have been totally in the dark on so many intricacies if it weren’t for having Melanie there to answer my 2 million questions. Not only did she explain every obscure acronym thrown at me, she drew out my most powerful voice and provided an endless list of Plan Bs.”

Margie Bruvel

“I would like my express my gratitude to Melanie Spears for the help she gave during the recent publication of my first series of children’s books, Titch’s Tales.

I had spent many years writing, and then collaborating with Ariel Korabacz on the illustrations. After many failed attempts to seek guidance on how to self publish, Ariel introduced me to Melanie. During a few sessions and with some ongoing support Melanie was able to “walk” us through the whole process – from putting me in touch with her printer to getting 2000 high-quality boxed sets of books delivered to my doorstep.
It was a mammoth undertaking and certainly one where I may have faltered if it were not for Melanie’s confidence, encouragement and enthusiasm. Thankyou Melanie. These delightful books are bringing joy to many children and hopefully inspiring them to reconnect with a real world and to develop a sense of gratefulness for all God’s creatures who come into their lives.”



Kat Barwick

charlie's stars front cover“I have loved working with Melanie over the past 6 months as I self publish my first picture book “Charlie’s Stars”. I am so grateful to Melanie for her grounded advice, creative approach and uplifting encouragement. It’s through working with Melanie that I have been able to bring my book out of my head and into the real world. I’d highly recommend Melanie to anyone wanting to self publish a book.”

Brooke Martin

Feelosophy of Birth cover“In 2015 I stumbled across the beautiful Gratitude Diary in a shop close to my home. Without hesitation I knew I had to have it. The theme for the year was about abundance, in particular our relationship with financial abundance, which struck a chord with me. I was excited to delve into the diary and start my journey on exploring gratitude and how that could shape my life.
On New Year’s day 2016 I ordered my next Gratitude Diary in anticipation for what the new theme ahead might bring. When it arrived I was excited to see that Melanie Spears, the author, did one to one intuitive coaching. I had been contemplating creating a pregnancy journal and
knew that I needed guidance to make it a reality.
After our initial call and conversations around what my vision was, it was clear that there was an alignment and certainly an ease to how this could all unfold. I just knew I needed to collaborate with Melanie. She was the perfect fit for me.
Creativity is such a unique and sacred process that once the dots start to join nothing can hold you back. It’s magical. With the guidance of Melanie, Feelosophy of Birth was taking shape, and by September 2016 she was hot off the press and ready to land into the hands of expectant mothers all around the world. From an idea that was ignited by my passion to support women through pregnancy and birth, I truly delved into the depths of the unknown and trusting in the process, I achieved a
life long dream.”