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Many if not most relationships between couples are dysfunctional through unconscious and therefore unhealthy childhood attachment patterns resulting in co-dependence.

Twin flames are GRADUATED SOULS who are emerging specifically at this time to set the new “template” for the frequency of healthy and loving relationships between souls. This new model will then be shared and made available to all human beings on the planet.

The new blueprint is emerging, yet not fully emerged. it is felt, yet not totally understood, embodied or practiced. The old and dysfunctional patterns of relating are falling away but without teachers and guides to hold and herald the new relational frequency, we may at times fumble in confusion and doubt.

Together we will explore and experience what it means to be loving, open and truly available to this new frequency.

It is an evolutionary process.

If you;

• Know you desire MORE from your intimate relationships
• Are attracted to the words GRADUATE SOUL
• Have a longing for DIVINE UNION
• Are READY to take full emotional responsibility and accountability for yourself

This week could be for you.

What’s included:

accomodation 7 nights, airport pickup, breakfast, daily yoga, massage and body care package, excursion to the pyramids of chi, workshop and related course material.
You need to book your own flights.

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